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Welcome to Success by Design 2024

aka New Year MORE You!!


 - Do you ever set goals you fail to achieve?

 - Put things off because you're too busy, don't feel like it, don't know where to start?

 - Feel frustrated other people have what you want, relationship, money, job, business, body?


If you answered yes to one of more of the above then this 3 month group program is for you.


We over estimate what we can achieve in a Month & underestimate what we can achieve in 3 Months!



It really is your year! 

It's the year you: 

Stop trying to be someone new & 

start being MORE You!



✅ Leave it to me to bring you the training, inspiration, step by step RESET Method, accountability & daily motivation.


❌ If you're looking for a magic pill or quick fix it's not for you!


✅ This program works if you work it!


No more Waiting

No more settling for second best

No more Excuses


⏰ It's Your Time - It's Your Year!!! 🎉


This program will teach you how to focus on 2 Goals you want to achieve each month using the RESET Method.


It will provide the support, training, workbook, online community & accountability you need to make 2024 your BEST year ever!


What's Included:




x3 Online Monthly Training Sessions 30-60 mins 

(recorded & available on demand)

On Demand Training Library

Online Accountability Community

26 Page pdf Workbook

1 Page pdf Progress Tracker

Email Q&A Support



Life Audit Masterclass & Goal Setting Masterclass 

15-45 mins (on demand)




It's Your Time 


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Abigail Barnes is the founder of Success by Design Training (started in July 2013), an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and corporate trainer. She is a qualified coach working with senior leaders, ambitious professionals and successful entrepreneurs (both 1:1 & through Group Programs) and she is the creator of the renowned 888 Formula & host of The Time Management Podcast.

Abigail Barnes has over 10 years’ experience in Financial Services Marketing (Investment Management, Asset Management and Hedge Funds), she started her Business after a shock near death experience on a work business trip to Boston Massachusetts, United States in 2012 at the age of 32 – she shares her experience as a catalyst for change and the inspiration for re-prioritisation.

Abigail holds a BA Hons Degree in Business & Marketing Management, a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, DipM ACIM, a certificate in Neuroscience Professional Development, approved by British Psychological Society and is a qualified coach, approved by the Association for Coaching and the Institute of Leadership & Management, Portsmouth University Business School.


TESTIMONIALS (previously called 25 day Reset Program)

"Personally it has changed my life. It’s not designed to do that, it is designed to clear a path to you changing your own life for the better. What is it that Abigail said on day 1? Well, amongst other things, “Commitment creates results, gift yourself the time to commit” She also said “think marathon not sprint…”

 Berni Benton

Click here to read her blog documenting her journey with the program.

"The sensational Abigail Barnes created a brilliant group programme this summer and I took part in the first one.

It’s helped several of us focus on two goals we wanted to get done, and provided a safe space for support, chat and accountability in whichever way suits you." 

Dinah Liversidge

"I'm absolutely loving the way that investing time and money in personal development is positively impacting and changing my mindset, my self awareness and my decision making abilities. I really do feel like I'm actively re-training my brain for success now instead of being an imposter lurking around on the periphery of it!

The 25 Day Group Reset Program was something that was really important for me to do at this particular time. It has helped me to move forward with a much clearer focus on my goals for the present and future. I have just started a new job this month and I'm also now writing a book in my spare time, and this course helped me to achieve that.

Thank you to Abigail (and to my daughter who originally suggested I bought and read Abigail's book and had a chat with her) for opening my eyes to all of this and for the precious connection that has been made between us! It has literally been life changing for me!" Chrissy Hamlin

"I know this is primarily responded to and connected with ladies. What does that say about the guys. I know that i come across so many who would so benefit from a reset. But they just seem to think it is ‘not for me’. But i see the burn out, the fractured personal relationships, the time management and prioritisation issues. So i would say to anyone seeing, reading, considering this that anyone, yes us guys too, need time to reflect, review, reset and restart. I have got so much value from this programme, the wonderful people who have shared honesty, real situations and supported each other. My network has truly got net worth! Before CoVID it was a network without structure or influence but now i know why i have these people in it. Thanks to absolutely everyone." Andy Parks

"I enjoy the reset, a good way to set a few goals for the near future and change routines and mindset 🤩 The support of the group is great and I made a few new connection/friends too 👏" Anita Olsen

"I joined Abigail's #25DayReset for September 2020. I set myself 2 goals for the 25 day period, one professional and one personal. It was the ideal time at the start of a new school year and being able to focus on my business more wholly again. The workbook and group were really useful reference points to make me accountable, which as a business owner can be really hard to achieve. By day 25 I had made a big decision for my business to take a side step and learn more before moving forward, and personally, I made good decisions to improve my work:life balance. Without the Programme, I very much doubt I'd have got there. An invaluable process in accountability and focus. Thanks, Abigail!" 

Jan Adams

" I recently had the pleasure of being a member of Abigail's #25DayReset for August 2020. It was such a great experience and Abigail is a wonderful facilitator. There was also a lovely community spirit within the group with lots of encouragement and support from fellow members. We were all on this journey together. I set two goals at the start of the reset and by day 25 I was feeling aligned with my business purpose and also with my personal wellbeing. I would urge anyone who thinks they need a boost to do a 25 day reset with Abigail as she will get you back on track. Priceless!" Jennifer Corcoran



If you choose the pay monthly option you will pay £49 today and we will reach out to set up a direct debit for the remaining 2 payments of £111 on 1 February/1 March 2024.


All training will be recorded & saved to the Program Training Vault for you to watch on demand around your commitments.


EMAIL IT TO: [email protected]


⏰ It's Your Time!

Disclaimer: This training does not aim to replace professional therapy please seek the support you need where necessary. 

Success by Design Training does not guarantee any specific results from the Services they provide, by signing up for this program you are agreeing to our General Terms of Business Click here which are separate to your consumer rights.


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