90 Day Coaching With Abigail Barnes

Transform your success mindset and 

release the fears stopping you


So you can break through your road blocks 

and become Unstoppable!!  


Unstoppable is the ultimate coaching program for busy Professionals & Entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power, own their success, and stop allowing imposter syndrome & limiting beliefs steal their achievements!!


Imagine the day you stop feeling

Paranoid someone will find out you're a fake or a fraud who doesn't deserve the success you have. 

Imagine the day you

Become unstoppable in the meetings, 

The day

People comment on your confidence and your influence is through the roof!


🔻 Are you ready to try something different? 

🔻 Are you fed up of needing to be perfect?

🔻 Are you are FED UP of trying to be someone you’re not!

🔻 Are you realising that no matter how hard you work, how much you do or who you try to be, it’s never enough?


Transformation starts with your mindset

It's time to start telling a new story, it's time to let go of who you thought 

you needed to be to fit in, and step into who you came here to be to stand out!


✅ This Coaching is for you if:

  • You realise you’re a leader people are watching for guidance
  • You’re ready for a fresh perspective
  • You're committed to investing in yourself & doing whatever it takes
  • You’re ready to stop running & start becoming Unstoppable!


❌ This Program is not for you if:

  • You have a fixed mindset about new perspectives
  • You don’t like trying new things or experimenting
  • You believe that nothing you do will ever be enough
  • You believe that hard work is the only way to be successful
  • You micro manage everyone around you, or do it yourself
  • You don't like investing in yourself
  • You can cope with how things are


📌 Here’s what’s included & how it works:

  1. 90 Day Program: 5 Steps to Unstoppable Framework
  2. 60 Minute Unstoppable Action Planning Session with Abigail
  3. x5 30-Min Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions (Zoom, recorded)
  4. Unstoppable pdf Workbook 
  5. Online Weekly Accountability Tracker
  6. 90 Days Email Support


👏 Some praise from past clients:

"My 60 minute session generated an extra £30k within 24 hours. I never realised how powerful a conversation could be. Had I not worked this problem through with Abigail I never would have found the confidence to do what I needed to do." R Matthews

"This session helped me identify what business activities I need to focus on increase my revenue, and find more time for hobbies & exercise." K Lexler

"A session with Abigail helped me change how I share my content, create a sales process, so that I stop giving away all the good stuff for free and failing to get new clients." M Hubbard

"Real, authentic, compassionate, and effective. Abigail is a triple threat. Her stories will have you captivated, her lessons will be like an ear-worm guaranteeing that your team will learn and implement. You won’t regret having Abigail speak to your team or event." R Scharf

"I'm feeling positive and excited for what the year has in store and am ready to own it!"

"Abigail is straight to the point, very knowledgeable and leads by example."

"It’s impossible to overestimate the impact that proper planning and goal setting can have on life. In the weeks since the training my professional and business life has taken off. Abigail sets everything out in a clear and comprehensive manner. The content was well delivered and has impacted my decision making and time management on a day to day basis. I can’t thank her enough for creating a space where an ambitious, enthusiastic entrepreneur can not only dream, but also begin to make those dreams a reality!"

"Brilliant training, thanks Abigail."

"The content and value Abigail provides is amazingly powerful. Her tools and feedback help me to have a razor sharp focus and support me to work a lot smarter than I did before. Now I know how to bring my business to a next level."

"The session not only helped me reconnect to my passion and purpose, I have also come away with a better understanding of what to share with my clients and how I can do it. I feel a renewed passion for my business and my clients. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track again having been a bit lost for a while."

"I’ve been really struggling with imposter syndrome this week but just when I needed a kick up the ass it came in two forms. To reinforce to me that I’m on the right path and doing what I should be. However I have totally taken that energy and turned it around and pushed two projects forward today. Lots of progression over the last 16 days but this blip I recognise as part of my journey. And reassurance comes from the most unexpected sources."

"Feeling overwhelmed as I don't know what to do first & so many loose ends to tie up! This training has given me the support I needed and now I have my questions answered."

"I remembered the power of common sense and baby steps that I'd totally over looked, living at today's fast pace! Common sense thinking to make me STOP and really look at what I'm doing each day."

"From this training I realised that the people I spend the most time with aren't inspiring and it's not really where I want to be."



Abigail Barnes is the founder of Success by Design Training (started in July 2013), an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and corporate trainer. She is a qualified coach working with senior leaders, ambitious professionals and successful entrepreneurs (both 1:1 & through Group Programs) and she is the creator of the renowned 888 Formula.
Abigail holds a BA Hons Degree in Business & Marketing Management, a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, DipM ACIM, a certificate in Neuroscience Professional Development, approved by British Psychological Society and is a qualified coach, approved by the Association for Coaching and the Institute of Leadership & Management, Portsmouth University Business School.

Abigail Barnes has over 10 years’ experience in Financial Services Marketing (Investment Management, Asset Management and Hedge Funds), she started her Business after a shock near death experience on a work business trip to Boston Massachusetts, United States in 2012 at the age of 32 – she shares her experience as a catalyst for change and the inspiration for re-prioritisation.


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Unstoppable: 90 Day Coaching Program
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Unstoppable: 90 Day Coaching Program
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Unstoppable: 90 Day Coaching Program
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